Pixhawk Reference Standards


The full Pixhawk Reference Standards consists of 
the Pixhawk Autopilot Reference Standard, the Pixhawk Payload Bus Standard, and the Pixhawk Smart Battery Standard. It is the design specification and guidelines for manufactures who wants to build PX4 compatible products. 

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For Building Flight Controller Products

Pixhawk Autopilot Reference Standard

  • Pin-out definition and references
  • Architectural block diagrams
  • PCB layout guideline
  • Connector specifications

For Building Cameras, Gimbals, Actuator Products 

Pixhawk Payload Bus Standard

  • MAVLink based Software Interface
  • Comprehensive Hardware Interface
  • Hot-swap protection mechanism
  • Everything you need to develop your own payload and gimbal

 For Building Battery Management Systems Products

Pixhawk Smart Battery Standard

  • Power state diagram
  • Interface schematic
  • Connector specification
  • Protocol definition


In draft, coming soon…

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