Shape the future of open source drone technology

The Pixhawk Special Interest Group (SIG) is a network of companies that are the innovators and maintainers of Pixhawk Reference Standard. As a Pixhawk SIG member, your organization will join a community that helps you grow your business and shape the future of open drone technology.


The Pixhawk Reference Standard is developed on public weekly calls. 


Dev-Call Schedule:
Every Tuesday @ 16:00UTC
9am Pacific Standard Time
6pm Central European Time
12am Beijing/Shanghai/HongKong Time

Weekly Agenda & Meeting NotesDirect Zoom Meeting Link

Ecosystem Partners and Collaborative Projects


Dronecode is the vendor neutral foundation for open source drone projects. The US-based non-profit provides open source governance infrastructure and services to software projects PX4, MAVLink, QGroundControl, and MAVSDK. The foundation also creates a collaboration framework to facilitate open standards creation.

The entity is funded through yearly memberships by companies who support open drone ecosystems and standards.

Dronecode is part of the nonprofit Linux Foundation.


PX4 is the open source flight control software for drones and other unmanned vehicles. The project provides a flexible core for drone developers to develop applications.


QGroundControl is the graphical user interface that provides full flight control, vehicle setup, and autonomous mission planning for PX4 powered vehicles. QGC runs on Windows, OS X, Linux platforms, iOS and Android devices.


MAVLink is a very lightweight messaging protocol for communicating with drones and between onboard drone components.


MAVSDK is a library that provides simple APIs for managing vehicles, providing programmatic access to vehicle information and telemetry, and control over missions, movement and other operations. It abstracts MAVLink for software developers who wants to develop applications on C++, iOS, Python and Android.

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