Community Driven Open Standards


The Pixhawk Reference Standards are developed on public weekly calls, faciliated by Dronecode Foundation. 


Bi-Weekly on Tuesday @ 16:00UTC
9am Pacific Standard Time
6pm Central European Time
12am Beijing/Shanghai/HongKong Time

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Special Interest Groups

Work Groups


The Autopilot/FMU working group are tasked to define the overall hardware architecture, pin-out definition and other related information for manufactures to produce an autopilot product.

Links to On-Going Work:

  • DS-011: Pixhawk Autopilot v5X Standard
  • DS-012: Pixhawk Autopilot v6X Standard 

Links to Completed Work:

  • DS-009: Pixhawk Connector Standard
  • DS-010: Pixhawk Autopilot Bus Standard




    The payload working group is tasked with defining the needs of a cross-vendor MAVLink enabled payload interface using open-source. The goal is to define or augment the payload management sub-protocol in MAVLink, and define the minimum requirements for a Hardware implementation.

    Links to On-Going Work:

    • DS-014 Pixhawk Payload Bus Standard

    Battery Management System

    The BMS working group is tasked to standardize as much as possible the hardware and software requirements for the drone industry and subsequent implementation on PX4.

    Links to On-Going Work:

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