PX4 uses Hirose DF13 connectors, as they are small, robust and cost-effective (compared to other widely used similar cable types).

These connectors can be unplugged quite easily as shown in this video:

Readily assembled cables

Make your own cables

While the original Hirose crimping tool is prohibitively expensive, there's an economic alternative which works well:

Housings and pre-crimped wire jumpers are available from DigiKey:

The 12“ double-ended jumper wires listed here are the best value; other lengths are available but the cost difference is minimal. One quick tip - cut a 12” double-ended jumper in half to make two 6“ DF13-to-bare-end cables.

Battery Connector

The PX4 project recommends the XT-60 connectors for all aircraft and multirotors, as a range of batteries is available with them and 3D Robotics offers all power connections with it. It is slightly better shielded and easier to unplug compared to Dean's Ultra.

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