2nd International Workshop at IROS 2015, Hamburg, Germany.

With ever increasing levels of autonomy and system complexity, open source collaboration has become an important factor in robotics research. Whether structured in an environment with managed software packages like ROS or by simply sharing code as ZIP file on the personal website of a researcher, the ability to push the boundaries of autonomous robots often depends on the availability of existing work to build on.

Open source robotics is by now well established in ground robotics. As aerial robotics is moving from tackling relatively self-contained navigation tasks like the flight in GPS denied environments towards addressing dynamic scenes and more challenging dynamic obstacles, open source is equally important in this field.

This workshop is providing participants a solid overview of the current state of the art in aerial robotics research. It will also provide an overview of open source solutions ranging from SLAM packages for onboard companion computers to better motor controllers for multi-rotors.

It will also give participants the opportunity to provide direct feedback on desired hardware and software features, and allow them to meet core developers of some popular ROS aerial robotics stacks and autopilots.

2nd Workshop ICRA 2015, Seattle